Correct Technology

At the present time , the interest in the use of social media has significantly increased. In parallel with the increase in Internet access, social media networks have become a platform for brands and customers. Rapidly developing social media platforms have also hit the traditional media. For this reason, brands and companies have changed marketing strategies. As social media advertising models have begun to develop, companies have become more aware of showing their presentations in these ways.

Sosial Media Platformalarında Markanızın Reklamı


For any brand to reach its target audience, it is essential to work with a professional team in this field. Our team of experts in digital marketing will improve your brand to be known together with making the best of advertising

With social media tools you can bring a product that you have  just released or a service that you offer to many people. As for social media ads, Facebook comes first. Considering that millions of people and companies are using Facebook, it is clear that Facebook advertising strategies should be made in the best way in order for target audiences to become potential customers.


What is advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

Every brand and institution wants to be preferred by many people for its services or products. It evaluates the most appropriate ad options for that. It's important to apply the most proper ad model to appeal to the audience. Our team of advertising strategists, based on a wide range of products and services, determines the most suitable advertising sample. Most Facebook ads in this area come to the fore.


  •  Increase the brand's popularity;
  •  Strengthen your presence;
  •  To help you reach your potential customers;
  •  Increase to be discovered;
  •  Increase your sales by expanding reliability

 Sosial Media Platformalarında Markanızın Reklamı

By accurately analyzing users' behavior, Facebook is a tool that enables companies to achieve their goals for advertising. The interest in advertising through the Internet is increasing day by day. From the point of view Facebook is always at the forefront of advertising opportunities.


Used for many years, Facebook began to offer many different features each year. In particular, access to more than 900 million users every day on Facebook accounts has made this platform a major source of revenue. Thanks to individual choices ads categorized by selections, everyone is searching for ads based on their own fields. In this way, users are more interested in attracting the audience. 

 In our country, Facebook is widely used by users . It lends itself better to users every day by enriching content. In parallel, the sponsor distributions have gained importance. 

The highest level of presentation is achieved with the right parameters in a short time. By presenting your company's products and services, you can reach out to the right target audience and communicate with us to earn a potential customer.

 Strategies for Facebook və Instagram Ads 

By raising brand awareness, we choose the most appropriate ad option for customer loyalty to your products and services. When your potential customer is earned for your business, your web site's turnover is also enhanced and the most accurate steps are taken for your goals. We offer you an option to advertise with our professional team for the most effective digital advertising marketing Facebook ads. We take the solid steps in these strategies by defining the most appropriate strategies within our services. What are these strategies?

 Sosial Media Platformalarında Markanızın Reklamı

First of all, set the campaign objectives and do the right audience research. By examining competitors' ads, different types of ads will be identified that will come one step ahead.

  •  The most proper budgeting for the campaign is defining and campaign preparation is started.
  • Basic and similar target groups are formed.
  •  Social media structure is monitored and ad groups are defined.
  •  Preparing the right image, video, and text for the ad.
  •  An attractive campaign call text is being prepared to help users reach your site.
  • The ad is evaluated and statistics are calculated after the ad is delivered.
  •  After convenient analysis and evaluation of the tests, the presentation of your brand to the target audience will be succeeded.