Correct Technology

The proqram endings prepared by our company, which is the philanthropic commander of our company, will help our clients to increase their work. By hanging your sifarish, the proqram is prepared, the diqqətə of the client is taken and the work of the client is ascendant and the maximum of the three is prepared.

Preparation of Veb Sayt

It is one of the most beneficial and beneficial shares among internet people. The corporations are personally responsible, they are connected to the internet, they are borrowed, they are bored and their self-proclaimed is spared. Sided

Preparation of Mobile Medicines

As the first of the three who have developed mobile medicinals, whose life is increasing day by day, and our life is ascendant, let your high-level auditorias be the first of them. Mobil Tətbiqi exploitation is a constant increase day after day ...

Preparation of ERP Systems

ERP is the abbreviation of "Enterprise Resource Planning" statement. On the basis of the revelation given, it is said that an author has administered all his auspices with a proqram payment. The use of all resurs from the integrity is astounding the serious suffering of the business. The ERP program is derived from most of these modules and the add-on module. These basic modules are sales, mulhasibat, finances, istehsal, inventar, human recursions, purchasing, pleasure, texniki xidmət və təmir some basic modules. Multi-ERP program prepares these main modules individually for the sectors and gives them the special ERP version of the test third ...

Preparation of CRM Systems

CRM (Customer Relation Management) is the management of customer contracts. This is a series of more effective, sealed wounds among the shirkitr and və. Even though these systematic program benefits play a big role, the crm is not the result of program satisfaction.

The məqd of CRM is to confront the needs of your client and the right authority ...