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What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a Google-based system that allows low-quality and inaccurate websites to be left behind in search results. It is not appropriate to call Sandbox a penalty, as Google will keep new websites in Sandbox for a short period of time and make them worthy. However, most of the sites that fall into Sandbox fall due to errors in SEO for their websites.

What are Sandbox Types?

Sandbox has many penalties. These are not completely explained. The most severe punishment types are available.

As mentioned above, for a newly opened site, we should view it as a temporary measure, rather than as a penalty. But if you still get away from the tasks that you think you deserve after 3-6 months, you might feel like a penalty.

How can I figure that I have fallen into a sandbox?

This is one of the most important questions. There is no official way to tell if it's in the sandbox. But we can come to this conclusion by evaluating the results.

The best way to do this is to determine your position for 100% higher results in Google searches. To do so, match your page with TITLE, nowhere on the Internet, and search for it on Google. If this does not work out the best, it will mean that you have a Google filter.

What transactions cause Sandbox or Penalty Filters?

Any unusual work you do on your website will throw you in Sandbox. You should think of it as a generalization and try to avoid something unusual and excessive on your website.

Let's talk about SEO errors that can  fall  you down to Sandbox. First of all, they should be divided into 2 groups:

Internal SEO errors:

Use content that is automatically created or copied

Content has too much H tag (heading)

Lots of keywords in the content

Sharing the same content multiple times on the site

Excessive and incorrect label usage

Using hidden articles and links

External SEO errors:

Links to low-quality and prohibited sites

Get more links as soon as possible

Indication of paid links and many such links

The best way to get out of the sandbox is to get rid of SEO errors as soon as possible, and configure and broadcast your site according to SEO rules. You have to get help from SEO because of a technical problem. While most Sandbox incidents are due to site errors, it is sometimes observed that the filter is added due to site errors. It can be a little more difficult to discover. Some SEO tools help you with some algorithms in this regard, but they are not 100% accurate.

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