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Promoting Your Brand By Social Media Platforms. SMM is marketing through social media. SMM is an Internet marketing mechanism used to attract natural traffic from social platforms, to promote your brand or product. The growing role of social networks makes SMM an important, practical and indispensable part of online marketing.

Sosyal Medya Marketing

In social media marketing content plays a crucial role which is made popular by sharing. Content should be up-to-date and attractive. SMM is very useful in choosing the right audience. In addition to marketing, this mechanism is used by mass media. SMM's practicality is its great free advertising potential. This is due to potential of social media. The most popular and great social media platform is Facebook which connects 1.2 billion people and creates a favorable condition for advertising. Among other popular platforms include Twitter, Badoo, Instagram, Vkontakte and so on. More than 10 social media platforms have users more than 100 million.

SMM is actively used on the following platforms:

Social networks: Facebook,  Vkontakte ...

Professional social networks: LinkedIn ...

Blogs: Twitter, LiveJournal ...

Video and photo blogs: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest ...

SMM social networks include the creation of a site's website or group, ads, layouts, ad placement in other groups, and sneakers. SMM is used in two types: passive and active.

Passive SMM is used to share and collect information. It also includes user feedback and market analysis. Active SMM, in comparison with passive, is a direct communication with the user.

SMM key tools:

  • Creating a company / brand group
  • Creating a fan on Facebook
  • Creating a personal profile
  • Creating a corporate blog
  • Creating a video blog
  • Establishment and usage of memorials
  • Continuous communication with users and so on.

Google's seven main natural search factors are based on social media. This means that if the brand is not on the social media or is not active, then it will be less visible on Google's search results. Many companies mostly use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This gives them access to larger audiences with very few resources.

The development of social media, SMM's active usage and increased role have led to the emergence of SMO. SMO is Social Media Optimization. SMO is a set of mechanisms used to attract natural media from social media to website. SMO and SEO are almost the same mechanisms and the only difference is where they are used. While the SEO search engine is a process, SMO only covers the social media and its users.