Correct Technology

What is banner?

Online banner ads are ads that are made on your websites but they are not related to your website. By means of an online banner ad placed on your website, you can promote a brand, products or services, as a photo, video or animation for users of your website.

Banner Sizes

One of the mostly done mistakes is related to sizes of banners. Each website has a different banner size. Below are the mostly used banner sizes:

GIF size
Flash size
468 x 60Full Banner20 KB30 KB
728 x 90Leaderboard25 KB35 KB
336 x 280Square25 KB35 KB
300 x 250Square25 KB35 KB
250 x 250Square25 KB35 KB
160 x 600Skyscraper20 KB30 KB
120 x 600Skyscraper20 KB30 KB
120 x 240Small Skyscraper20 KB30 KB
240 x 400Fat Skyscraper25 KB35 KB
234 x 60Half Banner15 KB20 KB
180 x 150Rectangle15 KB20 KB
125 x 125Square Button15 KB20 KB
120 x 90Button10 KB20 KB
120 x 60Button10 KB20 KB
88 x 31Button10 KB10 KB