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         In modern times, the Internet is one of the most commonly used communication and sharing tools. Organizations, private enterprises, companies communicate with customers and people that they serve online, and introduce their services.

 Why should  an organization or company have  website? Internet pages are now regarded as one of the main brand and prestige indicators of the organization and the company. For the first time, the person hearing  the name of your organization will be doing research on the Internet about you . This time attractive design, and functional site will make a positive impression on them about you.  The presence of your web site builds   a feeling of confidence  in people. It is important that you have a website for branding. It shows that you are a prestigious organization or company. You can exchange information faster with people you serve online. The Internet is a broader and cheaper advertising tool for you. That's why your website will attract more customers. 

Website development services include:  

  • Modern looking and fast website;  
  • Responsive design (computer, tablet and mobile forms);  
  • Control panel where you can manage your site easily;  
  • Getting Domain  High-performance Hosting (server) package;  
  • Providing Website with  SSL certificate;  
  • Providing professional business email addresses with Domain;  
  • Sign up for Google and other search engines;  
  • Developing Web sites according to internal SEO;  
  • Matching your website design to your wishes; 

Stages of Website Preparation

1. Data Collection and Analysis for Site

At the initial stack of websites, all necessary and non-existent information is clarified. Sample sites are analyzed. Functions that you want to stay on the site are mentioned. 

2. Preparing the Technical Tactics The technical task for preparing

The site is written in detail and all materials (picture, video, document) required for the site are obtained. Site preparation is discussed by our team  and  appropriate technology is selected.  

3. Site Administration

The web site is designed to be easily managed by our customers. You can access the administration panel by phone and tablet. With this panel, you can add, edit, and delete new items on your site. 

4. Website Design

After carefully reviewing the above paragraphs, main page and next page of the site are arranged.   Real content, photographs and company logo carried out in corporate colors of the company are designed and visualized  Use this step to make changes. After that, we will present you various models and prototypes for approval at different stages of the work. Making changes to the next stages will require plenty of effort and time during ordering site. Therefore, at this stage, you should carefully consider everything. 

5. Project Completion and Commissioning

At this stage, all materials on the site are posted and pages are ready. All the algorithms in the site are tested and security problems that may arise are removed. Finally, the site is being used for everyone to access. 

No CMS or Ready Module is used in the development of the website ! 

As a Correct Technology family, we are ready to assist you in designing your web page